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From arts and crafts to everyday needs, Cowal in Argyll has it all in our small and friendly local shops and galleries.

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Best Places to Visit in Dunoon

Best Places to Visit in Dunoon

Dunoon is one of the leading towns on the Cowal peninsula, Scotland. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Dunoon is one of the best places to visit in Scotland. It has many historic castles, and the town boasts of its wide range of accommodation. You can do various activities like kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, trekking, jogging, climbing etc.

Best Places to Visit in Dunoon

The following are some of the best places to visit in Dunoon:

Castle House Museum:

The Castle House is one of the most historical sites in the town, and it was open since 1998. The castle was turned into a museum to kindle the historical interest among people. Lord Provost Ewing of Glasgow had bought the castle and made it into a holiday resort. He built himself a beautiful resort. The museum is a lovely old building, and the curators at the museum are very friendly, and they tell you about all the history about the ruins of the castle.

Holy Loch:

Holy Loch is a beautiful place, and it is located on the Cowal peninsula. The coast offers you a variety of sailing and yachting facilities. The scenery at Holy Loch is brilliant, and it is very relaxing to have a sail in the marina.

Castle Toward:

The castle was built in the year 1820 and is located on the tip of the south part of the Cowal peninsula. Toward was constructed by a Glasgow merchant named Kirkman Finlay. After the WWII it was sold to the corporation of Glasgow. The castle was used as an outdoor learning facility until the year 2009 after which it was closed. The castle was sold to some individual owners in the year 2016.


Cloch is located on the fifth of Clyde in Scotland, and you will be able to see one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. The tower has been around since 1797 and was designed by Thomas Smith and Robert Stevenson. The light at Cloch was built by an engineer named John Clarkson. In the year 1829, the light was replaced by an Argand lamp. Today, the lights are fully unmanned and automated.

Cruach nan Capull:

Cruach nan Capull is a beautiful mountain located on the southern side of Hell’s Glen. It is about 2005 ft. Once you reach the top, you get an amazing view.

Lunderston Bay:

Lunderston Bay is a famous beach and picnic spot. It is located on the Fifth of Clyde. You can spend a nice relaxing day with your family at the bay, and there are multiple facilities like car parking, public toilets, restaurants, cafes etc. You can have a nice coastal walk with your loved ones.

Bishop’s Glen Reservoir:

The reservoir is also known as Dunoon reservoir. It was once the source of drinking water for the entire town. The reservoir is said to be created before 1880.

Things to Do in Cowal Peninsula

Things to Do in Cowal Peninsula

Cowal Peninsula is a beautiful place, and it is covered by the Argyll Forest Park in the north, and Scotland’s Forestry Commission manages it. You can reach the Cowal Peninsula within an hour from Glasgow. There is something for everyone at Cowal, and there are so many breathtaking views which you just cannot miss. Cowal Peninsula is a very quiet and calm and you can relax with your family at the beautiful peninsula.

Things to Do in Cowal Peninsula

The following are some of the things to visit in Cowal Peninsula:

Puck’s Glen:

Puck’s Glen is a natural and wildlife area. You have to take a steep climb through the gorge. Depending on the climate it can get a little muddy, but it is worth climbing those steep steps to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a lovely place to walk and make sure that you have a nice pair of walking shoes to climb those steep stairs.

Benmore Botanic Garden:

The garden is filled with breathtaking flowers and the staffs there are extremely friendly. It is a vast garden, and you will be able to see a wide range of colours of flowers and plants. Never miss out the Benmore Botanic garden if you are a trees and shrubs lover. You can take your kids to the garden and show them all the varieties of plants and flowers in the garden.

Argyll Forest Park:

At the Argyll Forest Park, you can take a nice walk in a beautiful and quiet environment. You have lovely sceneries both sides of the pathway, and there are also waterfalls which are truly impressive. You can take your kids along and make it adventurous for them. The forest park is also not that crowded, and thus it is very peaceful.


Quadmania is famous for its Quad biking, archery and clay pigeon shooting. You can go with your friends as a team and have an amazing time shooting clay pigeon. The quad bike ride is brilliant, and you will enjoy riding the beautiful scenery. You can book the time you will be spending on the bike and pay accordingly. You will definitely have so much fun and will want to come back for more.

Dunans Castle:

The Dunans Castle is a beautiful castle, and it was damaged by fire and is in ruins currently. Even though the castle is in ruins, the scene is rather quite spectacular. You cannot go inside the castle, but you can view it from the outside. You can also have guided tours where you can hire a guide, and the guide will tell you about the history of the Castle.

Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute:

Never miss out to visit the Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute if you are a paddler. You can spend a great weekend at the place, and they even teach you some of the basic skill sets of paddling and sea survival skills.

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