Clean, tone and moisturize the skin through facial treatment

The frequency with which we must perform a deep facial cleansing varies depending on the type of skin of each woman. For example, if the skin is oily and there are dark spots in it, it is good to do a weekly cleaning until the face obtains a balance that allows it to extend the frequency of the cleansing action to two weeks. Did you know that you can have control over the texture, clarity, flexibility and long-term health of your face just by taking into account the frequency of cleaning it? Whether you are a young or mature woman you can make your facial treatment look amazing considering a good facial cleansing.

There is another important group of women for whom one facial cleaning is enough per month because their type of skin does not demand such rigorous attention, although they all appreciate the routine daily night cleaning. Actually, the battle of deep facial cleansing is against the blackheads and pimples resulting from the accumulation of environmental impurities or produced by the body itself. Preventing them often requires changes in eating habits to achieve a healthy and balanced daily diet. Contrary to what many teenagers think, this type of facial treatment does not resolve juvenile acne, on the contrary, it could make it worse if antiseptic and anti-inflammatory creams are not used beforehand to avoid complications.

There are specialized services to perform facial cleansing, but since we do not always have the time or the budget to assume these expenses, I suggest a guide for you to do it yourself at home.

Facial treatment

Clean, tone and moisturize: three steps for a soft and shiny skin

Dermatologists and beauty professionals recommend three fundamental steps to take care of the skin of your face: clean, tone and hydrate during the day and clean, tone and nourish at night. If you are constant in following these steps, you will be in the way of having a radiant, silky and hydrated skin.

Every day, toxins, climatic changes, the use of make – up and other external agents load the delicate skin of the face with impurities. These impurities block the pores which prevent the skin from breathing and transpire affecting its normal functioning, lowering the levels of hydration and decreasing the strength of this natural barrier that protects the inside of the body.

There are two secrets to enhance the positive results of these three steps (clean, tone and moisturize). The first is perseverance, it is essential to follow the three steps every day, however busy and without time you are in the morning I get tired late at night. In addition, we must ensure that the products with which they are applied are of good quality. There are cheaper beauty product lines that do not provide the necessary benefits because they lack the essential components for skin nutrition and regeneration.

What do we do?

First Step: Cleaning milk

We will start with the cleaning milk, eliminating everyday impurities and traces of makeup, restoring softness and elasticity to the skin. The cleaning milk should contain vitamin A, vitamin E and/or allantoin, components that effectively and thoroughly eliminate all traces of makeup and everyday impurities.

Second step: Tonic

With the decongestive tonic as the second step, face hygiene is completed by balancing hydration. In addition, the refreshing and emollient effect of this product protects the skin from daily fatigue. The tonic, meanwhile, restores and balances the hydration of the skin thanks to the formulas of bisabolol, provitamin B5, allantoin and/or DSHC.

Third step: moisturizing and nourishing cream

As a third step, for the day, a protective moisturizing cream provides the necessary combination to keep the skin young, soft, luminous, moisturizing and protecting it from the sun’s rays. For the night, the last step proposed is the nourishing cream, whose exclusive formula stimulates the regeneration of the tissues, helping to relax the face of all the tensions and daily stress. The day facial moisturizer must combine its components (Vitamin A, E and FPS 12) in a balanced way, as it prevents dehydration of the skin and protects it from the sun’s rays.

Deep facial cleaning at us – what we do

  1. Wash your face with fresh water and soap.
  2. Apply a massage with the fingertips over the area of the bozo, chin, between the eyebrows and neck to relax the muscles. This preamble will allow pores to open more easily and promotes the production of collagen and elastin at t28he cellular level.
  3. Apply an exfoliant and use to continue gently massaging the face in the facial treatment.
  4. Place the face in front of a pot or bucket with hot water -separate at least 30 centimetres- so that the steam helps you to open the pores. To make it more effective you can cover your head with a towel or cloth in a way that concentrates the steam. This step can be dangerous in case the water spills, so if you have small children nearby or for some other reason you feel insecure in front of water vapour, replace this technique with the application of hot wipes on the face.
  5. Once the pores are open and with freshly washed hands with soap and water, proceed to remove the black dots by squeezing with the tips of your fingers, never with the nails. If you bleed, do not continue. Avoid squeezing the reddened and hard areas that precede the outbreak of pimples or pimples, this would only worsen that area. It is advisable to wrap the fingertip you use to tighten, with aseptic gauze and thus avoid subsequent infections.
  6. Finish by applying a lotion or tonic with a cotton ball and then a moisturizer.
  7. Finally, allow at least two hours before applying makeup, although the best thing would be to wait until the next day for the skin to regenerate and rest.