Smoking Kills and Bongs save

It’s a raging debate which always goes on. No matter what the environment or what the event, people who smoke always seem to be obsessed with this one topic at hand. Does using a bong make smoking healthier? Yes, you might have heard it a number of times too. There are so many people all over the world who love smoking and cannot live any day without it. They have a strong habit and each day it causing serious implications on their health.

Smoking can be very dangerous and kills you a few years earlier than your normal lifespan. In spite of knowing these facts smokers still continue to smoke. The habit is addictive and it is never easy to get away from it. For this situation, one has to keep certain thing in mind like making use of a bong. This will make the smoking less harmful and it is a must for smokers who have a habit of smoking regularly or whom you call the chain smokers. This can reduce the harmful effects which smoking will cause and keep you in much better health. Even if it means spending some money on bongs it is worth every penny spent. If you want to know in details about bongs, then go here click here, to get more information about it.

Well, this article is not going to be just another rant from a pro or against supporter. In this article, we wish to do something way more unique and sustainable. We would like to end this debate once and for all. We will provide you scientific proof which would make you feel that there is something right about what we wish to convey. If you want to know some very good facts about bongs then make is a point that you read this click here.

Even people who would not want to agree with our point of view would not be able to decline the reasoning altogether and will give you some important facts about the bongs, that will make your understand this product and its uses in a much better way and also show you how friendly it is for your health. So, let’s get started.

Is smoking using a bong healthier?

For starters, it surely is. According to some scientific conclusions, people who use a bong are more likely to stay healthy over the long run. We have divided the stages through which the smoke moves before entering your body into three stages. In all of these stages, we would define how the smoking experience gets healthier because of the bong. So keep in mind that bongs will really improve the quality of smoking and if you want to know something more make it a point that you click here.

  1. Smoke passes through the water: The first stage is when the smoke enters the water. As we all know, water or any other liquid medium is known to remove all impurities on any material which passes through it. Something similar happens with smoke too. This is a very important thing and helps in filtration of harmful inhalation which may harm the body a great deal and hence it is a need of hour.
  2. Water absorbs heat: The hotter the smoke, the more it reacts with your body parts. Water has a high specific heat capacity and it absorbs a lot of heat from anything which passes through it. This is will reduce the harmful effects of smoking and give you a better experience, which will help you to be much better and healthy in-spite of smoking.
  3. Acts as a natural filter: In the last stage, the smoke becomes bubbles inside the water and then comes out of it. In the process, water absorbs a number of large particles which the smoke had. These large particles are the ones which actually cause the most damage. This is a one of the major advantage and this could really change the way you smoke. As we know smoking is never good for health, but if you cannot live without it then bongs is the only answer.


At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if you would like to be convinced or not. There may be many readers who have not used a bong once in their life. They would never like to agree to this assessment. For them, a bong is a useless piece of glass which can look good in the living room. However, on our part, we never have any ill will towards any of our readers. We would like all of them to feel good after having a smoke. Hence, we would encourage all of you to go for a bong once and then decide for yourself.