The need of physical fitness

Physical fitness is the state of being physically healthy and well-being to perform all forms of daily activities at relatively easier way than the normal people. It is a measure to determine the body’s ability to function efficiently under all forms of conditions, protect itself from all forms of diseases and work in all forms of situations. These are the factors that have caused a large influx of the youngsters into the gymnasiums and other fitness centres where attaining a good body shape is the primary goal. This article deals with a new form of fitness enhancing compound named SARM and further details can be found on the link .

What is a SARM? How does it work?

SARM, otherwise known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, is a new form of fitness drug that aids in transport of the hormones in the body in a specific manner. By specific manner one means that the entire drug targets to work in one specific direction or on one particular part of the body, be it for muscle growth or fat loss, without causing any other form of side-effect to the rest of the body. It is unlike a fitness steroid that may produce side effects to the body like hair loss or blood impurities.

It is for this reason that the drug is gaining much attention of the researchers and a number of fitness freaks have already started moving towards it to gain a well tone of muscle without any other derogatory effect to the body. Hence by this one can grow muscles easily without having the tension of any form of hair loss or increase in blood impurities or development of male boobs.

How to procure it?

SARMs are available only in the online forums and hence can be procured only on special orders. However, there lies a huge risk of the sale of fake and non-authentic versions of the drug by some companies and hence consumption of that would be very harmful for the body. Hence following are some of the guiding parameters to select the authentic ones from the online stores: –

  • Price Comparison of price between two companies selling the same compound is a very smart move to be considered. One should be well aware of how one company’s price is higher than the other when both of them sell the same product. It is a pivotal measure to judge the authenticity of the product and hence needs an utmost attention.
  • Reviews  Product reviews also work as a saviour before finalising any purchase from the online store. The ratings that the product has got and its general reviews show its effectiveness in working for its primary purpose and is also a measure to show if the product sold is genuine or not.
  • Clinical acceptance  SARMs sold without any clinical testing and approval from an authentication board is just like selling poison openly in the market. Hence it is highly advisable to not purchase any random product claiming to be SARM without having the acceptance or approval seal from a regulatory safety body.

Some of the best websites

Based on the above pointers following have been rated as the authentic and most popular online stores for SARMs: –

  • Choice Compounds It is the primary choice for a majority of fitness freaks out there. They sell the SARM in form of peptides, powders and liquids that have been highly tested and clinically proven to be safe for the human body. The prices of the products are also very reasonable with the average price being around US $50.
  • Bio This company provides a wide range of SARMs apart from a number of other chemicals too. All of its products are tested for both quality and authenticity and hence the customers are 100 percent sure of what they are purchasing from this online store. It has a very sleek website performance and has a worldwide delivery that has a very quick dispatch or shipping of the products and one does not need to wait for a long time to actually get the product. The prices are also very average and do not incur any additional shipping charges.
  • Proven Peptides It is yet another company offering SARM at a cheaper price. A US based company, it generally has sale in the domestic market and has an authentic certificate for its products that do not produce any form of side effects or derogatory effects to the body. It has an added advantage of money guarantee i.e. if the customer is not happy with the product he or she has purchased, then he can easily return it and receive full cashback for it too. The average prices are also quite low with delivery charges only applicable for the ones ordered above US $75.
  • SARMSx The product community, helpful customer service helpline, authenticity of the products are the plus pointers for this online forum. However, its biggest drawback is its high price of the products which make it difficult for an average person to procure it. It is like qualitative product but at a very high cost.

The best of the SARMs

Following are the best SARMs according to the popular choice in 2018: –

  • Ostarine Bearing the chemical name of MK-2866, Ostarine aids in muscle developing without having any risks of osteoporosis or muscular atrophy. It has a very mild effect on the body and does not interfere at all with the regular testosterone levels of the body. It is taken in mild doses along with the regular diet.
  • Cardarine It boosts the cardiovascular performance of the body and hence gives one the ability to undergo the heavy fitness exercises at relative ease. It also burns out the excessive fats in the body and hence works for weight loss. However, its higher doses have been found to have carcinogenic effects and hence it needs to be taken only in small amounts.
  • Nutrobal Also called MK-677, Nutrobal increases the level of growth hormones and aids in having a good sleep cycle that is must after a tremendous physical activity. Plus, it’s cheaper price acts as an icing over the cake.