Used cars in Fontana | Why buy used cars | Statistics


Cars are an important automobile used for the purpose of transportation. This invention has made millions in the world with latest designs and advanced features. Many companies, all over the world, have developed new and unique vehicles used for the purpose of traveling and because of this vast market, majority of today’s population owns at least one vehicle. Buying and selling of cars is a daily incident, where one buys a new or used car according to his/her need and the other sells one because that vehicle is no longer required. This daily occurrence gives rise to a new market of used cars. Used cars are second-hand vehicles, previously used by some other party and after some time put in the market to be sold. Such cars are either put in market due to some defect or sold because the owner wants to experience something new that the vehicle companies have to offer.

Today we’ll look up the advantages and disadvantages of buying used cars, and also discuss the basic reasons of buying used cars. Some more topics to be discussed also include which website to follow for used cars and the main issue of this discussion; where to buy used cars in fontana.

Advantages of buying used cars:

Buying a car is a big step in life due to its high expense and longtime commitment. This process should be well-thought and analyzed because once you buy the car, you have committed to driving it around. For some people, this might not be an important step, but for majority, this is a long time investment. One should pick a car filling all the requirements and criteria, also being in the price range.

Some of the advantages of choosing used cars over new ones are:

Price tag:

The major advantage of used car is that it is available at a lower price range. The customer does not have to pay a heavy amount to buy the car of his dream, he can buy the same car, just second hand and at an agreeable price.


There are millions upon millions of car models released almost daily by millions of car companies. Inversing in a new car can be of disadvantage due to it losing its value after a new and advanced model is released. Buying a used car saves a definite amount of money and also one can change said car to buy some other without losing much.

Insurance rates:

A used car is obviously less expensive than a brand new one and its insurance rate also varies from the new ones. Buying a used car can also save a load of money regarding insurance

Various choices:

Used cars give the customer different options to choose from when buying a car. The price range and specifications allow the customer a wide range of options.

Statistics of car buyers:

Almost 60% of car buyers spend various amount of time looking up cars online before buying them. Many go through various stages of indecisiveness when searching up cars and a lot of them come with various options to choose from. Amongst this large category of people pledging to buy cars almost 60% of the population go with used cars as an investment. This large statistics of people research heavily before buying and still choose the option of used cars because of its convenience and economic saving.

Used cars in Fontana:

There are many people in Fontana, California looking to buy and sell used cars. This business is at its emerging process and the people there offer a lot of used car options for willing customers.

  1. 2016 FORD FOCUS SE:

With the mileage of 46,157, this beauty is one of the best item offered. The car has 2L 4 Cylinders engine, Automatic transmission, Magnetic exterior and Charcoal Black interior. With hatchback style and 4 doors, it is the best car for families. This beauty comes with a special price of $14,000-$17,000 on various online used car websites.

  1. 2017 KIA FORTE LX:

The mileage of this car is 43,422 and with 2L 4 Cylinders engine, automatic transmission engine and excellent specifications, this is a dream car of many. 147 hp @ 6200 rpm horsepower, 132 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm torque production and a price tag of $15,000-21,000, makes this vehicle a must for all the car buyers.


The 72,334 mileage with 1.8L 4 Cylinders engine, Automatic transmission, 130 hp @ 6000 rpm horsepower and 128 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm torque is the highlight of this car. With remarkable price range of $11,000-15,000, this car is midrange and consumer-friendly.

  1. 2008 CHRYSLER 300 C SRT8:

6.1L 8 Cylinders engine, 15,000 mileage, automatic car transmission, 425 hp @ 6000 rpm horsepower, 420 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm torque and a sweet price of $16,000-20,000, this mean machine is being sold for a great deal.


This beauty comes up with 3.6L 6 Cylinders engine, Automatic transmission, Front Wheel Drive, SXT SPORT UTILITY 4D style, 283 hp @ 6350 rpm horsepower, 260 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm torque production and a sweet price of $14,000-17,000, this car is a powerhouse.

  1. 2015 CHRYSLER 200 LIMITED:

50,233 mileage, 2.4L 4 Cylinders engine with automatic transmission, 184 hp @ 6250 rpm horsepower, 171 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm torque development and $13,000-18,000 price makes this car a consumer’s best investment.

These are some of the best options in used cars that are being sold in Fontana at a moderate price. People wanting to buy used cars are advised to check out these beauties and also do a thorough internet research before putting up your money. Being properly informed about something makes it easier for a person to judge its quality, so our advice would be to educate yourself thoroughly before taking any huge steps. There are many options in the market and a lot of people working towards consulting, so visit your nearest car retailer to get better opinion about used cars.